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Chef Nicholas (Nick) Chios knows a thing or two about creating beautiful, delicious food, and it shows in every dish that leaves his kitchen.  At 78 years old, he has been in the restaurant business for over 50 years, having studied at Northeastern University in Boston, where he graduated in 1971.


Born in Sparta, Greece, Chef Nick has never strayed far from his gastronomic roots. He lived and worked in Massachusetts for 30 years, owning around 10 different businesses, from pizzerias to 5-star restaurants.  Then he moved to New York for 11 years, continuing to create culinary masterpieces.

     In 2004, Chef Nick moved to Florida and opened Soprano’s Pizza in Palm Bay, then moved to the Suntree area in 2005.  He opened Time Square Diner in Suntree in 2014, where he received rave reviews from both the press and his patrons.  In November of 2019, he opened Nikos Cuisine, where his motto is “Serving you is life well spent.”   

     Chef Nick says, “My passion is to incorporate gourmet cooking into the everyday, from pizza and sandwiches to pasta and seafood.  ‘Quality gourmet food at affordable prices’ has always been my philosophy…creativity is one of the most important ingredients.  Serving and pleasing our customers is more important to me than making money…this is my legacy.” 

A life well spent, indeed!